31 October 2008

Si Luncai 1st Episode at TV1

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 10:15:00 AM

Iklan sekijap neh. Welcome you guys to watch this animated series at TV1, Saturday, 1st November 2008, 5.30 PM. Ni original hasil keje Malaysians. Jum support our products!

See more here!

29 October 2008

I got warned by Wiki :P

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 10:21:00 AM
See below, I got warned! Hihi... Actually I tried to post my company portal link as external link in this page. I also created pages of my company products and Wiki caught me trying to advertise in it which Wiki is not a platform of advertising stuff. I know that but trying is never worth to be regretted isn't it? :D Anyhow, I excelled in adding an article of ... in Wiki. Few related pages are also available in it.

I tried to link internet users with my company products because I think the products are very nice & useful to share. If you don't believe it then try it yourself. I like i-IDA (internet Intelligence Data Application), d-IDA (demographic Intelligence Data Application) (and a few *-IDA products to be - live up!) concept so much. i-IDA is still in very early BETA live version while d-IDA will be available for pre-alpha testing in November. Few aspects of idea may not be applied yet. I'll be very glad for those who support us. Any comments please contact us or let me know by putting comments here. No spamming please!

Anyway, thanks Wiki for being an information portal that provides wide & variety knowledge. Teach me a lot about respecting others ownership and copyrights.

Enjoy visit our web portal ;)

28 October 2008

Getting Married? Congrates!

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 3:08:00 PM
Sesape yang nak kawen, tahniah :D. Di kesempatan ini gue nak promote biznez kawan gue. Semuga maju sokmo & ble kawen, gue dapat FREE! Ngehehe..

Click here to luccadjiwa photopages siteMajlis Perkahwinan Faruq dan NazirahMajlis Sambut Menantu Ridzuan dan SabeethaPengakuan: Claiming that I am advertising luccadjiwa photography services & few photos by him in this blog without his permission. I only permitted to links his fotopages site to friend. All pics are linked to his site. Hope this wont harm anyone. Thanx.

26 October 2008

Me - Get motivated everyday!

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 12:20:00 PM
Cant find the owner tag line reference. So many of them that I cant find the real one:

Somehow, I find this interesting article while searching for the owner of the tag line:

Enjoy it!

Best Boss :D

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 11:31:00 AM
Last week I received 2 'templates' from my Boss of docs that I should prepare. He mentioned them as 'templates' but I guess the two files are actually the docs that I should submit to him. He filled the templates with the actual titles, actual description of relative projects. I can see that only diagrams for system analysis are empty. Those are what I like. Diagramming. Pictures of exact flows and business processes. No bla.. bla.. bla.. writings that I don't like to neither write nor read and I am quite sure person who need to read the docs (if I'm the one who write them) will get blur also. :P My BosS writings helps me a lot in understanding what is actually going on since we do not have much talks and discussions. I don't know what is in his mind. Calling me as 'Superwoman wanna be' not motivate at all me because that Superwoman thing - is I know, not to be taken as a compliment. I tell myself, I do not do anything wrong. I just eager to learn things since I do not have improvements in these 3 years working environment. Chaiyok! (Korean word for Keep trying until success :D.)

So now the 'templates' became less than 50 pages with writings (thanks Boss for the writings and templates). Maybe still around that figure after included them with diagrams. Keep fighting. Chaiyok!!

Anyway, I hope 'Superwoman wanna be' (which I guess not) and her boss (that's my Boss) can still gain excellent result together with my colleague.. together we get end year bonus! Yeah!

p/s: My aim is not the bonus actually. It is just for motivational stuff.
Jake Birkett Says:

yeah teams can be good motivators. Another way to motivate yourself if you have to do something you don’t feel like is to visualise the end goal and realise that this is just a step towards it. Martial arts or fitness training helps you to get used to pushing yourself when you don’t want to (so does having kids, lol!)

-- Get motivated everyday :D (borrow this tagline from someone. cant find his reference. Cant find him) --

22 October 2008

System Documentation. Adus!

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 11:09:00 AM
Gue kan.. paling malas keje-keje taip-menaip, baca-membaca.. oo tidak! Bos suh wat system documentation plak da. Ni keje Analyst Programmer ++ (er... kerja programming jarang-jarang aje. Lately asyik melepak depan notebook sambil berangan. Hohoho).

Contoh dokumen yang bos bagi 270 pages. OOooo no! Caner gue nak mengarang sampai banyak tu. Kalo gue dapat, da lama gue karang buku & jual. Da lame gue kaya beb.

Walo macam mana pun, akoo akan tabahkan hati ku untuk menaip dokumentasi ini beserta membuat analisis sistem yang da wujud. Tu la.. sape suh design dalam kepala aje? Plak tu takde documentation. Kan da susahkan gue. Huhu~..

Tabahkan hati jugak la dengan penuh paksa rela kerana gaji masyuk bulan-bulan. Ngehehe... + target bonus hujung tahun. Tu pun kalo dapat la kan memandangkan banyak payment yang tengah hold. Klien pun satu hal. Nape tak bayo awal-awal. Keje kitorang setel, keje korang pon setel. Tak baik lambat-lambatkan keje. Tau ngak?

Moral of the story (sebenanye takde kaitan pun :P). Kepada kalian-kalian yang menjadi klien kepada mana-mana company dan rase mempunyai hutang sile la bayo. Tak lupa juga kepada majikan seantero, kalo tak bayo gaji pekerja pun kire berhutangkan. Sile la bayo. Last but not least, sape tak bayo hutang kat kawan-kawan, mak bapak, adik-beradik.. sile la... BAYO! Hihihi..

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