30 September 2003

alloo.... long time no c

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 5:52:00 PM
aiii... i'm a little bit bz lately. this month i'm having my final exam. nervous huh! besides i have a lot of asg, tutorial to be sent. so when i sit in front of the pc, i can't do anything but asg n projects. want to know something? now i'm at tsl (library). searching n downloading notes for my database n e-commerce exam. CRAZY?? a bit may be... don't know what's wrong with me lately... i also study-last munite. i think i start early... but when i revise again... i don't know what i've studied. i hope i can make it better next semester. wish me, my friends, sister, brothers n ak luck alwayz. may god bless us. also to my dearest parents...

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