30 October 2004

life's confuzing me!

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 9:17:00 AM
it has been 2 weeks i've been here after my industrial training.. >>> KUSTEM, helping Puan Fashihah in preparing a bo0k on Research Management System. quite b0ring.. facing Ms Word every day!

then.. heheheh... i'm enegertic & hepy + enj0y bEing in here. kn0w what? they'll pay me RM25-RM29 per day. it's really 0k f0r me because i'm making m0ney for my self!

this is my first time experience w0rking n hav money from it.

but n0w there's s0mething in my head.. c0nfusing me... and i'm stuck in my own thinking. Blurrrr.... dunno how to express it.



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