06 December 2004

chatter box~~~

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 1:40:00 PM
i dunno why i alwayz hav d same problem wif my chatterbox! damn it! maybe i should try another chatterbox except........!

there's nothing new things happen recently (i think...). i am just feeling lazy to redesign thiz blog. maybe i'm not creative enough to be a designer. thank god i did not take the course. maybe developing systems are more suitable for me.

i spend quite a lot of time, hanging out wif my friends lately. really miz the moments... 'bermalas-malasan sambil tengok cd"! muahahahahah! >>since i had very tiring time, being a trainee at an IT department.. and worked there for quite a short moment. tired! but actually i enjoyed moments there.


SkinnyDood said...

ada blog rupenye
rajin rajin tu datang la melawat tempat aku yek


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