12 October 2005

ScaRe to WHATT?!!!

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 8:56:00 AM

Giving quick scan to my former posts, I found that I posted things that not about me, myself. Most of my previous posts are about humorous articles, interesting events n others edited pic.

Damn what am I doing! Muahahah! Then I found myself very afraid to expose myself in the public even I no need to stand in crowds. The other thing is I a bit scare if I did nonsense writings or if I write with grammatical error. Actually, I involve in this blog world because I want to improve my English since I find my English is getting worse and I'm unable gain English skills while working in Terengganu + er... I'm scared!

This damn 'scare' feelings is the same as I feel when I'm in the water... swimming. Weirdly,I love swimming!

Wtf, I hate this feelings so damn!!!!


SEVEN said...

Just be YOURSELF!!!
I be there to help/share with you.

~*pie*~ said...

that's so nice. tq.


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