17 December 2008

Demographic Intelligence Data Application (d-IDA)

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 9:39:00 AM

Here's the Demographic Intellgence Data Application (d-IDA) that I stated in I got warned by Wiki :P. Briefly, d-IDA is a web based application for conducting population surveys and census. It is now available for pre-alpha test. Feel free to explore. Click here to test. :D Please contact KNSB software for enquiries.


syud said...

Pie, you've been tagged!!

You are being tagged! The rules are to upload the 5th photo from the 5th folder on your computer.
I am told that you turn into a frog if you break the rule.

Then, the person you tag, tags 5 more people!
Please add your tagged photo to the "I've Been Tagged

~*Dandelicous Princess*~ said...

Caner eh nak tau 5th folder yang mane 1? Hihi.. Im gonna pick from my 5th picture folder la...


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