29 October 2008

I got warned by Wiki :P

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 10:21:00 AM
See below, I got warned! Hihi... Actually I tried to post my company portal link as external link in this page. I also created pages of my company products and Wiki caught me trying to advertise in it which Wiki is not a platform of advertising stuff. I know that but trying is never worth to be regretted isn't it? :D Anyhow, I excelled in adding an article of ... in Wiki. Few related pages are also available in it.

I tried to link internet users with my company products because I think the products are very nice & useful to share. If you don't believe it then try it yourself. I like i-IDA (internet Intelligence Data Application), d-IDA (demographic Intelligence Data Application) (and a few *-IDA products to be - live up!) concept so much. i-IDA is still in very early BETA live version while d-IDA will be available for pre-alpha testing in November. Few aspects of idea may not be applied yet. I'll be very glad for those who support us. Any comments please contact us or let me know by putting comments here. No spamming please!

Anyway, thanks Wiki for being an information portal that provides wide & variety knowledge. Teach me a lot about respecting others ownership and copyrights.

Enjoy visit our web portal ;)



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