26 October 2008

Best Boss :D

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 11:31:00 AM
Last week I received 2 'templates' from my Boss of docs that I should prepare. He mentioned them as 'templates' but I guess the two files are actually the docs that I should submit to him. He filled the templates with the actual titles, actual description of relative projects. I can see that only diagrams for system analysis are empty. Those are what I like. Diagramming. Pictures of exact flows and business processes. No bla.. bla.. bla.. writings that I don't like to neither write nor read and I am quite sure person who need to read the docs (if I'm the one who write them) will get blur also. :P My BosS writings helps me a lot in understanding what is actually going on since we do not have much talks and discussions. I don't know what is in his mind. Calling me as 'Superwoman wanna be' not motivate at all me because that Superwoman thing - is I know, not to be taken as a compliment. I tell myself, I do not do anything wrong. I just eager to learn things since I do not have improvements in these 3 years working environment. Chaiyok! (Korean word for Keep trying until success :D.)

So now the 'templates' became less than 50 pages with writings (thanks Boss for the writings and templates). Maybe still around that figure after included them with diagrams. Keep fighting. Chaiyok!!

Anyway, I hope 'Superwoman wanna be' (which I guess not) and her boss (that's my Boss) can still gain excellent result together with my colleague.. together we get end year bonus! Yeah!

p/s: My aim is not the bonus actually. It is just for motivational stuff.
Jake Birkett Says:

yeah teams can be good motivators. Another way to motivate yourself if you have to do something you don’t feel like is to visualise the end goal and realise that this is just a step towards it. Martial arts or fitness training helps you to get used to pushing yourself when you don’t want to (so does having kids, lol!)

-- Get motivated everyday :D (borrow this tagline from someone. cant find his reference. Cant find him) --



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