13 March 2009

Flu @ Putrajaya

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 9:40:00 AM
Demam + selsema + sakit tekak. Penyakit normal yg mudah hinggap pada akoo. Sebenarnya da tahan demam (ceh, macam bley jek :p) ni sejak dari minggu lepas when I was in holiday wit family in Sabah. Ye la kan.. da g jalan.. x kan nak sakit lak. So akoo kuatkan semangat. Walopun ada hawa-hawa nak demam, aku berusaha untuk tidak memanjakan diri.

Lepas jek blk Sabah, arrived in KL, then trus fly to Terengganu at the same day. Sampai Ganu malam around 10PM. Sok pagi nye seawal pukul 930AM akoo redi ke bus station Kuala Terengganu for bus at 1030AM, in another journey to Kuantan to attend my friends wedding which are a couple, Jeff & Nad. Perjalanan took about 4 hours. I experienced really bad journey since a Malay Warga Emas berumur around 30 sat beside me. He still looks strong. The problem was, Im still tired of last night journey then I cannot rest well in the bus. Wat make it worst was he is drinking samsu which is non halal for Muslim. The smell made me felt want to throw but Im trying to act normal so that gut wont feel hurt.

Thank God finally I arrived in Kuantan wit a lil bit of fenin aura. Then here I go to Nad's house. Where to go? Im really not familiar wit Kuantan. Akoo redah ajek :p. I picked a taxy drove by a Pakcik wit Kopiah on his head. Well, never judge a book by its cover. Luckily that Pakcik is really nice that we was sesat together-gether. He was quite patience to layan akoo nyer kerenah. Thanx Pakcik :D Finally we found Nad's house. The Pakcik offered to wait for about 30-40 munites since it is hard to find taxi there. So I accepted that offer. Sadly, Ikin n Linda just gone back to KL. Unable to meet them :(. Also a bit sad cuz I cannot be there for longer time but at least, I was there :D Thank dear Allah. At about 4PM, wit Pakcik Taxi to the Kuantan Station bus. Arrived, I perfomed solah n ate early for dinner there. 6.30PM in bus back to Kuala Terengganu.

Er.. to be cont. 10AM already. Have to work lor :p Till then.



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