21 August 2005

Arrgh!!! hu..hu..hu... Camne la aku nak wat nih?

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 11:42:00 AM
huhuhu.... camne aku nak wat ERD n DFD ni?
lost! lost! i'm totally lost!!!!!!!


SEVEN said...

Rileks n tenangkan fikiran. Try tanyer saper2 yg expert bahagian tuh. Jgn malu bertanya eh.. (",) :* :* :*

NicheBlog said...

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SkinnyDood said...

buzz me kalau nak slides camne nak wat erd n dfd. MMU copyrighted notes so takleh nak letak merate :p

~*pie*~ said...

thanx fazry. but, huhuhu... kat sini YM kene block. takpe... nanti kalu aku nak, aku bagitau eh... tq!


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