30 August 2005

I thought I'm a positive type!

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 8:58:00 AM
hahahha!!... I took a look at my posts... It seems I regularly write things that show me as a person that hav problems. I just discovered it!

However, I still think that I positive person. Only when I dunno who and how to express my feelings then, I'll write something in here. (HAHAHAHAHHA!!! perasan 'positive type' tul la aku nih... ). er... and sometimes, when I feel boring... (saje nak merapu kat cni..) so, I do write in here.

good things did happen but... er, I don't know either it really happy things or not (muahhahahh!! I think I'm crazy). I got a job before my graduation but... I involve in a problematic project. I have a boyfriend after 4-5 years alone but I don't know that do I really love him or not. thank god he is a very understanding person. oh yeah! that's a good thing happens! ya!!! thanks to you honey!!!



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