30 August 2005

Get Your Boyfriend Back?

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 10:54:00 AM
Just now, I surfed my friend's blog. I saw 'Get Your Boyfriend Back' advertisement by google. hahahahahh! funny!!! they have the love wanga, voodoo dolls , love spells and etc. this is one of the testimonial about their services and products:

"You made my dream come true"I was devastated when my boyfriend broke up with me. I was so depressed and lonely, but I was sure he was everything that I wanted. So I came to you for help and after a couple of spells he is back with me.We now live together and he's talking about marriage and kids and everything!!!Thank you. No one will ever be so thankful to you guys as I am. You changed my life and gave me what I wanted.

Thank you!!

Let me laugh again! Hahahahahh! er... actually.. I do believe in spells. However, to have someone who truly madly deeply in love with us.. we dun have to do it... I think... let the person we love free with their own wiliness as long as they dont ruin their life and vice versa. dont force others. let us all happy by nature!!!



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