20 September 2005

Asian Game Developers Summit 2005

Posted by ~*Dandelicious Princess*~ at 4:39:00 PM

The Asian Game Developers Summit (AGDS) 2005 is a grassroot event jointly organised by the International Game Developers Association of Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines that aims at promoting game development within the region. AGDS 2005 provides education, networking and business opportunities. It serves as a forum for programmers, artist, producers, game designers, audio professionals and others involved in the development of games to gather to exchange ideas, network and shape the future of the industry.

“Asian Game Developers Summit - organised by
game developers for game developers”

AGDS 2005 features lectures, round-table discussions on game development topics such as game design, game technology, game arts and animation, business, production and mobile presented by game professionals around the region and internationally. Our regional speakers come from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand.




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